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  • Slims waistline
  • Targets muffin top
  • Burns fat
  • Improves balance
  • Strengthens core
  • Tones legs
  • No impact

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The Simply Fit Board's unique design makes it easy to workout almost anywhere. Simply place the board on a firm smooth surface and start twisting. Standing on the board engages your core, legs and back. This will improve your balance and strengthen your core. The twisting motion works your abs, obliques, muffin top and lower back. This will slim your waistline, get rid of the muffin top and strengthen your legs and back. Hold hand weights & bend arms 90* to tone biceps, triceps, shoulders and upper back. Now you have a SIMPLE & FUN FULL BODY workout!
Indoor use only. Can be used on carpet, tile, linoleum, laminate. (use a small rug on real wood floors).
400 lbs. weight limit.

Amazing Testimonies

"A year ago today I got my fit board. I was 230 and size 16. I'm now 140 and a size 8. 80 pounds lost in one year! I don't know what I would of done with out my board. The Simply Fit Board is simply amazing!"

- K. Trujillo -

- Colleen McSwain -

"Just spent 10 minutes on my Simply Fit Board and I'm in love! Best in home, no impact, full body workout ever!!! My legs are jelly, but my knee doesn't hurt. The board is transforming my life and my 4 year old thinks it's the best toy ever... besides Legos. ;) "

- Dianna Miller-Gilley -

"I got my board in Feb....(my bday) just a couple of months ago, and I'm down 27 pounds!! Love to read how your success is going.
Thank you!!"

- Sherrie Burch -

"Just got mine Friday and love it. Put on my 80s music videos this morning and twisted away. Great concept and product. Also love the videos demonstrating additional exercises. As we all age, balance becomes more of an issue. This is a great balance training tool and fall and injury preventative. I found I could also add resistance by threading a flat resistance band through the holes in the board. Great job ladies. God bless you and your family."

- Kristie Jackson -

"I'm so ridiculously excited right now!!! I originally bought the "Simply Fit Board" to tone up, and wow am I glad I did! I have tried many different types of equipment that seems like it takes forever to see results, or there is a plateau stage. But with the Simply Fit Board it is instant results you continually can see. It’s exhilarating to watch your body transform, and get tighter and leaner! It makes you want to continue to do it every day. It's fun and my granddaughters love it too! I normally weigh 125lbs. and by working out 10 minutes every mornin' I have lost 10 lbs. in a week and down to 115lbs! No "love handles" just a flatter tighter stomach and toned legs! And I feel GREAT! Thank you Gloria and Linda for an amazing product that actually works!"

- Celeste Sandoval -

"The Simply Fit Board is my new addiction. I swear I love this! It's a fun and quiet workout. I literally love my Simply Fit Board! Not only does it come in cute colors, but it's a great workout too! I don't get to go to the gym as much as I like because I travel a lot, always on the road, but most of the hotels I stay in are cheap and don't have a gym, but this thing literally replaced the gym on the road for me. It's the best thing ever! I strongly recommend the fit board. It literally changed my whole workout life!"

- Cindy Tani -

"I am 65, i have never posted anything public.. I just have to let you know that I have lost 28 pounds and a whole lot of inches. Bought it in March after cholesterol test was at 300. Changed diet dramatically Didn't start using it till April. Used it until July when I went on hiatus to paint my cupboards (14 to be exact ceiling high) just started back at it. 1 10 min yesterday, 2 10 min today, will go to 3 tomorrow. Just want to thank you for an awesome tool to keep me in shape. 2 of my sisters have bought it as well. I was at 150 to start and am 5'4" have never had to diet or really exercise as I had a high metabolism. This has been so awesome for me. I have more energy and a spring to mystep. LOVE IT! Oh my underwear and bras are falling off LOL"

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The mother/daughter team, Linda Clark of Lamar, Colorado, and Gloria Hoffman, of Greeley, Colorado, are the inventors of the Simply Fit Board, a balance board with a twist. When Linda, the mother of 4 and grandmother of 6, hit her 60's, she experienced what so many others have--the battle of the bulge! She called on her daughter, Gloria, to ask her advice on how to get rid of this extra weight. Gloria, the mother of 2 little boys, understood the need for a product that targeted the dreaded belly fat. Gloria's fitness background mixed with Linda's need for a simple, fun and effective product, resulted in the Simply Fit Board! In just two short years, the Simply Fit Board is becoming a phenomenon, exploding across the nation.

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